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The Please note:
  • The "Welcome Package" is only necessary the first time you buy from us
  • It gives you a professional manual and an online training to get you jumpstarted
  • From the second month on you will only need the "Monthly Subscription", so the monthly price gets down from $499 to $299 (net-pricing)
  • All prices are lined-out in Euros, but Stripe will calculate your currency
  • All prices are net prices without any VAT (Valued Added Tax)
  • We will add the necessary VAT for your country in our Online-Shop
  • You will receive the latest version of the respective Expert-Advisor
  • Long Term subscribers have the right to receive newer versions from us, if we continue to develop the Expert-Adivors any further. We will announce this on the website and in our Telegram-Channel whenever a new stable version is available. Longterm subscribers can then open a ticket in the Support area of our website and we will then send them the newest version. Nevertheless that does not increase the amount of parallel subscriptions, since an Activation Key does only work with one demo and one live account at the same time.
  • This means that Activation Keys can be transferred in between different accounts or clients, but the total number of activations does not increase therefore.
  • Last but not least, not least please read also our DISCLAIMER
  • therefore, as well as our LEGAL INFORMATION