OW IT-Consulting AB is the global distributor for the "Algotradingsuite Software Product". The company is located in Sweden.



We are an experienced IT- and software company who has deep and long-term IT- and Trading knowledge.

Constructing and delivering Metatrader MT4-based software for private and commercial users is one of our main tasks.

Autonomic trading via Expert-Advisors is a very interesting part of the overall trading world and MetaQuotes is the leader of expert-advisor based trading scenarios for many years.

We are producing and distributing expert-advisors (EA) based on this reliable and easy technology, which can be used fully automatic as well as semi-automatic in the daily scalping or day-trading activities of private- or commercial users.

Our employees have many years experience in the CFD-, Forex - and Commodities environments with various brokers worldwide, e.g. trading with companies like Roboforex, MultiBank, MEX-Atlantic, IC Markets, Forex Chief, FBS, and a few more.

Our roots in bringing IT and Trading together go back to the year 2009 when we helped to found a securities trading bank in Germany. Since then many things have changed in the markets and trading-software has advanced a lot.

We stand for the idea that a private trader nowadays should have all those professional tools that all the professional brokers and banks are using. We are fighting the same fight with the markets and we want the same transparency and algo-intelligence therefore...

So, our mission is to create top-quality and unique trading tools for the Metatrader 4 terminal, without any hype or false promises that pay back your monthly subscription-cost and earn a decent amount for you. Software that gives you the chance to win and trade for a living.