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Trailing Stop vs. Take Profit, which functionality closes my trade when targets are reached?

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How do Take Profit and Trailing Stop correlate with each other?

When Trailing Stop is not switched on then the Take Profit value will close the open positions once the Take Profit is being reached.

If Trailing Stop is switched to ON then both functions will be active simultaneously. You will see that then the Trailing Stop will take control in most situations and once logged-in, because it was triggered, it will most probably close the trade.

This happens only when the Trailing Stop is correctly adjusted for the instrument traded.

From time to time you will see that a trade is being closed by the Take Profit functionality and not by the Trailing Stop. In this case most of the time the market moved faster than the Trailing Stop, so that the Take Profit was able to close the position.

And there is another possible situation that you might see. The Trailing Stop has logged in but the deal is not colored red but has a Stop Loss value set in the Terminal. If you discover such a trade you will most probably find that the trade was closed to a better value than the Trailing Stop was set to.

So after all Trailing Stop and Take Profit work hand-in-hand and either one can close a trade and secure the profit for you.


This is not an instruction manual, but merely an explanation of how the software works. As the manufacturer of the software, we want you as a user to better understand how the software works.

We are not saying that you should use this functionality with real money. Think very carefully about whether you want to use the functionalities mentioned in the text at your own risk and what risk you are taking.

If you decide to use these functions with real money, you should have tried out how the whole functionality works and what can happen with a demo account for a sufficiently long time beforehand. This is the only way to learn to independently assess the real risks and potential profits.

This is absolutely necessary in order to deal with the risk with foresight. As the manufacturer, we accept no liability if money is lost at the broker due to the functions mentioned in the text. The above-mentioned functions of our software offer you excellent opportunities to make profits, but with the acceptance of the risks that the markets always present.

Every PowerScalper license offers one demo and one real trading license to you. This is our contribution to you, so that you can learn to trade riskless as long as you want, before you are using real money.