The general Trading Setup
This is the way the system works together!
The drawing shows a VPS (Virtual Private Server) on the left hand upper side. We suppose that most of you are using such a VPS-Windows Server to be online in a very fast datacenter environment 7/24.

We have installed 2 Metatrader 4 Applications on this server. Each Application runs 2 charts and the terminal of MT4. Please klick on the picture to enhance its size.

Now. Chart Number one on the left hand side contains your trading EA e.g. PowerScalper. Chart number 2 contains the Profit-Management EA.

General Trading Setup
how the systems are interconnected
In general: While the trading EA is trading, the Profit-Managment EA sends all the trading data from the Metatrader Terminal to our Java based API in real-time. All transferred data is fully encrypted.

The monitor that you look at is a browser-based-application that receives the data from our API. So when the price of an open position changes on tick-base, this change is transferred via the API into your browser. We operate the API-Servers for you and tell you how to interconnect your Profit-Managment EA to the API.

This way you will see all values changing in your MT4 and the same way in your real-time monitoring app in your browser.

You can try to compare the values from your MT4 with your browser, but it is such fast that you won't see a difference if you have a fast internet connection.

That means that you now have Accountnumber, Accountowner, Open Positions, Balance, Equity and Drawdown for all your accounts in real-time in front of your eyes. The monitoring application even adds all the values together and shows you how much it is over all configured accounts.

Monitoring Panel
To keep you informed on the go, we provide you a Gridview for your Smartphone in your mobile browser, so that you do not have to scroll back and forth on a smaller screen. All information from the Tableview is also fully available in the Gridview.

Best extra here, while on the go you can choose to switch your Autotrading manually OFF or ON, so that you are always in control over your expert-advisors.

Monitoring Panel in Gridview