Online Documentation
This is our complete Online Manual.
The lower document describes the complete functionality of the Algotradingsuite Expert Advisors, as well as for the Monitoring backend.

The document also contains a lot of strategic advise therefore the document is completly CONFIDENTIAL and only available to paying subscribers.

You can be well assured that you will find a strategy within the document that gives you a good chance to bring you on the winning side. Therefore it is very important that you read it thouroughly to get the best out of it. Nevertheless, the results achieved in the past are of course no guarantee of future results.

It is in any case forbidden to copy, redistribute or print the manual and hand it over to non-paying-users.

You will need a password to open the document. The password for the document is being shipped in the same information email that contains the licenses for your Expert-Advisors. So before you open a ticket, or try to call someone please go back to your E-Mail that you have received from us, after buying the subscription. This email contains the password that you need to open the Knowledge-Base-Manual below.